About Us

Perfect Name is a British company based near Manchester (England). We provide parents with a professional consulting service to choose the perfect English name for their child.Our team of experts will analyse the personality traits that you want the name to reflect for your child, and then select the most appropriate name; We will suggest a name you and your family will be proud of, a name that implies you chose to show their personality characteristics.

We believe the final decision should be in your hands, so we recommend two names for you to choose from. You can share via Twitter and email to family and friends, to discuss with them and choose the most suitable English name for the child.

We are very proud and find it a great privilege to be part of this joyous time in so many families lives.

Our Story

The company was founded by British CEO Carly Whybrow. When talking to Chinese friends and colleagues, they often requested information and advice on choosing an English name for their child. Like Chinese names, they want the English name to be closely linked to the child's personality and for the name to leave others with an important first impression. Therefore, choosing the perfect name is an extremely important decision, in the future your child's English name will appear on college application and documentation.

So the 'Perfect Name' quest began – to help discerning parents choose the perfect English name for their child.